Monday, May 29, 2017

Brunch Outfit Ideas

Honestly, brunch is always a great idea. It's perfect for those mornings where you just don't wanna wake up that early but you still want a meal before lunch... or maybe those mornings where you already ate breakfast and you could still eat a farm... (that's me) But, whatever your reason, brunch is a pretty good option. Personally, I love dressing up for brunch (of course). It really is an occasion and, in my book, anything with food is a grandiose event. Therefore, it only makes sense to match your outfit to the same level of awesomeness. You may ask "Lauren, how do I pick an outfit awesome enough to match my awesome brunch?" WELL, don't worry girlies, I'm here for you! Today is the day. Here are three brunch outfit ideas to inspire you and help get your creative juices flowing! I'll link similar items for each outfit so you can shop the looks and recreate them for yourselves!

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Jaci's Outfit
Jaci is wearing a stylish white romper with blue accents. This gives off a very summery, easy breezy vibe. Rompers are perfect, just like dresses are, because they make up a whole outfit in themselves! It's just one piece, and BAM, super cute outfit! She paired it with a tan cross body purse, which is a great neutral so that the focus can stay on the beautiful jumper. Her jewelry stays pretty simple too, with a gold cuff bracelet, and a simple gold curve necklace

Symba's Outfit
Symba is wearing a yellow floral dress paired with a simple jean jacket. The yellow and the blue contrast and compliment each other perfectly, creating a fun, vibrant style. The floral pattern on the dress makes a statement, but is still stylishly delicate. She also wore a faux fur cross body purse for some added fun!

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My Outfit
I am wearing a black and white striped drop waist dress. I love this dress because vertical stripes make you appear taller (yes please!!). Over this airy dress, I wore an army green jacket. The earthy tone acts as a sort of calming element to the vibrant pattern of the dress, and adds a bit of shape with a cinch waist. I kept the jewelry pretty dainty, with a few bangles and gold layered necklaces, as I wanted the dress to be the highlight of the ensemble. Lastly, I added a black quilted leather cross body bag to hold all my various trinkets and whatnot. 

Well loves, I hope you were able to get some inspiration from these outfit ideas! I also filmed a "Day in My Life" video of this day, so if you want to check it out, just click below! But other than that, I hope you all have a positively fabulous day, and I will talk to you in my next post!

XO, Lauren

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