Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Reflection + Goals for 2016

2016 goals, 2016 resolutions, 2015 reflection, New Years Resolutions, Lauren Banawa

I've realized that time seems to pass by faster as you get older. Here we are on the last day of 2015! I have learned so much about myself, about others, and about life in general. I've also had a boat load of new and fun experiences. I am so excited to see what 2016 has in store for me!

So, I started out this year finishing up my senior year of high school. It's crazy to think that I was still in high school at the beginning of the year haha. I honestly feel like I've been in college for awhile now! Anyways, during this time, I learned it is best not to procrastinate... as always. I kinda sorta waited until last minute for college applications, which created an unnecessary amount of stress. Lesson learned. On a brighter note, hard work pays off! I graduated in the top 20 of my class, and came into my first semester of college with 32 credit hours that I earned from taking AP classes in high school. 

Before we get to my first semester of college, I wanted to reflect a little bit on my summer. I had many experiences, and not all of them were expected. I learned patience, empathy and forgiveness. I also learned that you have to be creative in tough situations. There's always a brighter way to look at things, and it's amazing how you can turn something not so fun into something that will make great memories. Also, I went on a cruise to Honduras, Belize, and Mexico! During those seven days, I experienced peaceful sunrises in the open ocean, new perspectives from visiting these different countries, and unfortunately mild seasickness... I still had an amazing time though, and I even made some new friends with the other teens on the ship!

Now onto my first few months of college! I decided that I was going to try to be more outgoing and make sure to talk to people haha. I'm naturally introverted so it doesn't always come easily. Anyways, I pushed myself to sit by new people, and I successfully made friends both in and out of the classroom! I've definitely grown since the beginning of the semester, and now I'm really not nervous at all! I learned good time management FINALLY! And I declared my major as Costume Design, after taking this costume construction/design class for fun. I joined a sorority, Sigma Kappa, and I also took advantage of all the free events with free food and t-shirts, because girl... college sucks your wallet dry. My advice: always look and see what resources are offered to you, and use them. 

More recently, over winter break, I've learned that as much as new adventures are important and fantastic, it is also important that you slow down and spend time with your family. I got to spend time with all of my grandparents this winter, and I'm so thankful for every single conversation and minute that I shared with them. It was also great to spend more time with my parents and little sister, because during the fall semester, I wasn't home as often as I was in high school. Having people in your life that support you and love you unconditionally is a blessing. Take time to thank them and spend as much time as you can with them. Life is short, and the people you spend it with makes all the difference.

Okay, now for my 2016 goals!!!
-Go to VidCon and Playlist Live
-Reach 10,000 subscribers on my channel
-GET MORE SLEEP (I'm starting to look like a zombie..)
-Exercise more, and eat healthier
-Add more items to my Etsy Shop!
-Upload a video + blog post at least once a week

Well, that's it for now! I hope you have had a fabulous 2015, and I hope that you have an even more fabulous New Years and 2016!! 

XO, Lauren

Monday, December 28, 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

So money does grow on trees! Just kidding, but I got something close to a money tree this Christmas! You'll have to watch the video to find out the story haha. I'm so thankful for all of my presents, and I loved picking out and hand making presents for all of my friends and family too! What did you guys get for Christmas? What was your favorite gift that you gave? Give me the inside scoop! lol Well, anyways, I hope you have a fabulous day and New Year! 

XO, Lauren

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Outfits for Warm Weather

Unless you want to leave a puddle of sweat everywhere you go, ninety degree weather and winter clothes do not match at all. It is definitely a struggle to find your winter spirit if you live in a place that's warm year round. For those of you wanting a bit of a winter vibe in your warm weather wardrobe, I came up with a few tips and outfit ideas for you to gain a little inspiration from this season! Also, if you're interested in ordering the striped dress that I made, you can click here to go to my Etsy shop! I hope you enjoy, and have a fabulous holiday!

XO, Lauren

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Striped Jersey Shift Dress + Etsy Shop!

jersey shift dress, striped jersey dress, 60s inspired dress, sleeveless t-shirt dress, Lauren Banawa, high neck dress

jersey shift dress, striped jersey dress, 60s inspired dress, sleeveless t-shirt dress, Lauren Banawa, high neck dress

Ever since the end of my senior year of high school, which was late May of this year, I noticed that I wasn't sewing as much. Many factors went into it, preparing for college, not having fabric, and being lazy. I was finally re-inspired when I took a Costume Design/ Construction class this past semester, which was my first semester in college! I learned everything from how to make my own patterns to installing a zipper! It was honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made haha and it led to me declaring my major as Costume Design. So with my new skills and a new inspiration, I began sewing again. Really, I feel bad for my sewing machine because it hasn't had a break since august... But anyways, my garments now look a million times more professional, leading me to my next point:


So I made this dress because I was bored and I've been wanting a dress like this since the summer. I made the pattern based on all my personal measurements, made sure all the details were in place, and I finally finished. Of course, I had to share it with all my friends, which included my dad lol, and I had a lot of feedback from people saying they wanted one! (Even from my dad's friends!) So that's when I decided to open my own Etsy shop, and this dress is what I'm starting with for now. This way I can get used to incorporating orders into my schedule or school, YouTube, and blogging. 

Sooooo if you like this sixties inspired striped jersey dress, definitely check out my shop if you want one! You can style this dress with both dainty and statement jewelry, and it can be dressed up or dressed down. Oh my gosh, imagine it with a black leather jacket!!! If only my black leather jacket wasn't totally falling apart haha. I have a jean jacket though, and that would look equally amazing too!! The styling possibilities really are endless. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm kinda excited! Anyways, as much as I would love to blabber on about all the ways to style this dress, I must bid you adieu. Until next time, have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

19th Birthday Beach Weekend

I finally have a break from school so I decided to vlog my nineteenth birthday celebration for you guys! I had so much fun with my friends for my birthday weekend. We decided to rent a condo by the beach, and it ended up being extremely nice and a great time overall, so definitely check it out to see our craziness! Also, I really want to start blogging more again, so comment if you have any blog post ideas you want me to put up!! Have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Friday, October 16, 2015


carnival photoshoot, fair, homecoming carnival

carnival photoshoot, fair, homecoming carnival

carnival photoshoot, fair, homecoming carnival

carnival photoshoot, fair, homecoming carnival

carnival photoshoot, fair, homecoming carnival, Lauren Banawa

carnival photoshoot, fair, homecoming carnival, Lauren Banawa

Recently, there was a carnival on campus, and of course I just had to go. I mean, there was a fun slide and everything! The whole thing was kind of small, but hey, it's college and it's not everyday that they set up a mini fair in a random parking lot. So I made the most of it, eating all the fried food in sight and being a regular at the fun slide. And we can't forget stopping every two seconds to take an "Instagram-worthy" picture... Anyways, I was planning to show you guys a cute outfit with the carnival as a background, but ladies... It was so hot outside and my outfit (and my face) was just totally not on point. So you'll just have to settle for these pictures I took of everything but myself haha! I just realized how much I love photographing random things. It's really inspiring, and I think that even though it isn't directly related to fashion, you can be inspired by all the patterns, colors, and composition. It's all art. And with that, I'm back to my studies! I'll talk to you guys soon, have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Be. Dainty.

be dainty boutique

be dainty boutique

be dainty boutique

be dainty boutique

be dainty boutique

be dainty boutique

be dainty boutique

I found the cutest little boutique a few weeks ago! It's called "Be. Dainty." and I just wanted to buy every single item... I better get a job first though. The boutique is actually online but the owner, Kristin, occasionally has little pop up stands which are super super adorable! I just love seeing little shops like this because sometimes you can find unique pieces that are not in any other stores. You can also find items that have a much higher level of taste and quality. Although it may be a bit more expensive, I think it's work it because they will last much longer than a shirt from Forever 21. My mom and I literally passed by her stand about five different times haha, there were just so many garments and accessories we loved,  especially the jacket that Kristin was wearing! Anyways, just wanted to share this find with you! Hope you like it, and definitely check them out online! Have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back to School + 3,000 Subscriber Giveaway

Thank you for helping me reach my goal of 3,000 subscribers! I'm super thankful for each and every one of you who support me. To thank you guys and also help you for back to school, I'm doing a little giveaway! I hope you enjoy the prizes. All you have to do to enter is subscribe, like the video, and leave a comment on the video telling me a goal you have for school! And I'm finally able to make this back to school giveaway international, so you can enter even if you're not in the U.S. The winner will be announced on August 19th, so make sure to enter before then! Have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Monday, August 3, 2015

DIY School Supplies | Binder, Pencils, Pencil Case

I can never figure out how the summer goes by so fast. Many of us are starting school soon, which means stores will be flooded with students searching for the perfect school supplies, or in my case... the cheapest. The cheapest ones are never really the cutest, so I figured out how to decorate them and make them cute myself! Here are some DIY school supplies ideas that are really simple and can be customizable just for your style. You can watch last year's video too! I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Sister Does My Makeup

I never knew my life would flash before my eyes while getting my makeup done. Or maybe that was just the mascara wand heading straight towards my pupil... Either way, I tried something new recently! I let my eight year old sister do my makeup! We filmed the hilarious process just for you guys, so check it out! It was a bunch of fun having some sisterly bonding time. How do you think she did? Is she ready for the runway? Anyways, hope this gives you a laugh and have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Friday, July 17, 2015

"A Hot Glue Gun Mess" Book Review

a hot glue gun mess book review, mr. kate book review

When I first heard that Mr. Kate was coming out with a book, I immediately knew that I had to have it. If you don't know who Mr. Kate is, she is blogger/ YouTuber/ jewelry designer/ interior designer/ just an overall creative and quirky person. My favorite are her DIY projects, which are really great because she shows you how to turn ordinary things, such as things you might find at a thrift store, into amazing pieces of decor, clothing and accessories! Super fun stuff babes, you must check her out! She is one of my biggest inspirations because she's just totally herself and super super creative! Anyways, back to the book! I purchased it at Barnes and Noble the day it was released and from the second it was in my hands, I could not put it down until I finished it that night. Basically, the book consists of funny stories from Kate's life and DIY projects inspired by these stories. Let me warn you though, some stories (more like most of them) contain topics that are a bit mature if you know what I mean, so either don't read them or don't say I didn't warn you haha. Overall it gave me a good laugh and it was interesting to see little tidbits of her life. Lets see...
My favorite story would probably be "Chapter 47: One Flew Into The Cuckoo's Nest," which is about one of Kate's cats, but that's all I'm gonna tell you because you should read it haha! It was super funny and cute, and I felt like I could relate because I'd probably have the same reaction as her! On the other hand, a few of my favorite DIY projects in A Hot Glue Gun Mess would be the Bleached Feather-Print Scarf, Barrette Epaulettes, and Wire Scroll Jewelry. It was hard to choose because I seriously want to try them all!! No joke. Anyways, just wanted to share this amazing find with you! Have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Thursday, July 16, 2015

100 Montaditos

100 montaditos, Lauren Banawa, fashion blogger food pictures, blue lens sunglasses

Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto Sandwich with Cheese Fries 

Lauren Banawa, fashion blogger food photos, 100 montaditos, blue lens sunglasses

How most of my photos turn out...

blue lens sunglasses, forever 21, fashion statement glasses, Lauren Banawa

Usually I'm not a sandwich person, but I found this new restaurant called "100 Montaditos" that serves these small sandwiches, and they are DELICIOUS! I ordered the tomato, mozzarella and pesto one because I wanted something light and it was only $2! Most of their sandwiches, which are pretty petite, range from $1-$3, but there are also some other options that are more expensive. My sister, mom and I went for a girls day out and it was so fun. They had been once before me and thought I would love it so they convinced me to try it. My sister even said "Lauren, the food is totally picture worthy, I promise!" Haha she was right. And, typical me, I had everyone wait to eat until after I took a picture... #bloggerprobs. Also I'm LOVING these blue lens statement sunglasses that I got from Forever 21! Anyways, hope you have a fabulous day! 

XO, Lauren

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dealing with People

Okay, to start off, I am a very organized and structured person. It stresses me out when people stray from the plan and purposely don't follow the rules, or they aren't deadline driven like me. But somehow I'm also creative and I can think fluidly. It's weird but that's just me. Anyways, being just out of high school, I've learned so much about different types of people. Everyone is different and sometimes you don't always see eye to eye, which can either result in something good or bad. I'm going to tell you about different types of people I've encountered, and how to get along with them so that it brings out the best in both of you!

1.) The "I'll just let you do all the work" people:

-Okay so I've had to deal with people like this throughout my whole school experience, especially when we are assigned group work and projects. These are the types of people who sit back, do nothing, and still get a good grade because you did all the work to prevent yourself from getting an F. Let me repeat... they did nothing and still got an A...

How to Deal:
-These people are either lazy OR they don't know where to start or are too shy to come up with a plan, but either way, you have to become a leader. Ask them what they would like to do and if they tell you, then make that their job. If they don't know what they want to do then tell them what they need to do to contribute to the group. Give them a task, make them feel useful, needed, productive, and included. This way, they will have earned their grade, you just became a more efficient group, and it might have opened their eyes at what they can actually accomplish.

2.) The "I'm better that you" people:

-I'm not sure about you, but I don't think I know anyone who likes people that think they're better than you or anyone else.  These people are self-centered, or at least they act like it. The truth is, they might actually be really insecure, and putting others down might be their way to cope with it. 

How to Deal:
-Alright, so first of all, don't give in to them. Don't let what these people say or do affect you in a negative way. My best advice is to try and get to know who they really are before you judge them, but if that doesn't work, just distance yourself from them. You don't need negativity like that in your amazing life. Don't be mean, just accept that other people have their own troubles and their own journey.

3.) Shy People:

-Okay so this was me until about two years ago in sophomore year. I was probably the most shy and quiet person in class. Shy people usually won't tell you what their thinking, they won't openly disagree with the group, and they won't be the first to start a conversation. It's not bad, but I'm so thankful I came out of my shell because it has gotten me new friends and opened up new opportunities. I'm still kind of shy now, but I'm definitely way more outgoing than before and not afraid to share my opinion.

How to Deal:
-If someone is shy, be nice to them and include them. They probably won't tell you if they feel left out and they probably won't do anything about it either. Make sure to ask them their opinion on stuff and make them feel comfortable. Maybe once you get to know each other they'll become more outgoing! Just remember, don't force anyone to do anything, they will do what they want at their own pace.

4.) People who don't listen:

-These are the people who don't actually pay attention to you when you talk, and I know we all do this sometimes if we have a lot on our minds already, but some people do it all the time. Also grouped in this category would be people who don't stop when you ask them to.

How to Deal:
It is extremely annoying and disrespectful, and even though you may be irritated beyond belief, you must keep your composure and deal with it respectfully. Confront them if it gets to a point where you just can't stand it anymore. Sometimes they don't realize that they're not listening because they're so wrapped up with the personal stuff they have to accomplish. For people who won't stop when you ask them to, you definitely have to tell them that you've asked them about a gazillion times to stop and they haven't. Just talk it out and if they continue then just distance yourself from them or tell someone if it gets really bad.

Alright so that's all I have. Just thought this would be a neat post to make because sometimes people don't know how to deal with other people who are different than them in a respectful way. I'm definitely still learning but this is what I've learned and come up with so far, especially as I get closer and closer to the real world and farther away from the sheltered life I've lived in for the past 18 years. Anyways, have a fabulous day and don't let any negativity from anyone get you down! And don't be the one to spread negativity either!

XO, Lauren

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer 2015 Playlist

summer 2015 playlist, vacation playlist, summer break songs, july playlist

Some songs I've been enjoying throughout the summer so far :) There's no real theme going on here haha, it's just songs I like. When people ask me what type of music I listen to, I'm just like "Hmmm well... Um.. I don't really know... I just um like whatever songs I like..." If anyone can tell me a general type of music that these songs, or a majority of them belong to then please share! I am definitely not a music expert. Also, share with me your favorite songs for the summer in the comments! Have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Monday, July 13, 2015

Things To Do Before Summer Ends

The time of essays, homework, quizzes and tests is almost upon us ladies and gentlemen. Scary isn't it? Just kidding, but really, there are less than two months left of summer vacation so we MUST live it to the fullest! I came up with some fun summer activities to try out before summer break is over! I hope you enjoy them, have a super fabulous summer vacation!

XO, Lauren

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Breaking the Trend

I was going through my old computer when I came across a file named "Breaking the Trend." It sounded familiar and sparked my curiosity, so I opened it. To my surprise, it was an essay I had written for a class awhile ago. Expecting it to be a good laugh, I lightly looked over it. But as I read, I realized that it actually has a good point. So I decided to share it with you. My writing may be a bit repetitive at some parts, so I apologize ahead of time haha! Here it is:

 I find that teenagers, being a teen myself, often copy each other when it comes to fashion. Now, when I say copying, I don't mean exact copying, although some actually go as far as that. But I mean copying a style, following a popular trend. Whatever's popular, or supposedly "unpopular," that's what teens wear. And by the way, I'm not excluding myself from this because I do find myself lost in following the crowd sometimes, but I'm not grouping myself in either.
     Many teens interested in fashion, clothing and beauty are highly influenced by social media, especially in these times when technological advances are rapidly taking off with new phones, tablets, computers and more. We see celebrities wearing a new style of shirt or a new wash of jeans, anything, and that's what teens are going to start wearing. Tumblr comes up a lot, as well as Instagram. All of these picture sharing apps affect what is considered the "next big thing."
     Now, as someone highly passionate about fashion, I want to dress uniquely to express myself. I want to find ways to break away from trends and what's so called "popular." But, often times, once something unpopular is worn, that's what becomes popular again and you start looking for something new, never seen before. I want to break the trend. Not just a fashion trend, but the trend of teens being all cookie cutter and stuff. We are not all the same. Yes, we may like similar styles, but I think what it comes down to is self esteem. We dress like those people we want to be like. You see a someone on YouTube who does amazing beauty and fashion videos and she's just so popular and pretty and you just admire her and want to be like her. You start to dress like her because you want to feel like her. You want people to feel the same way about you that you feel about her. I think that's what it's all about in the end, even if you don't consciously know it. And yes, I do it. And I'm not saying it's bad, and I'm not saying it's good, I'm just saying it.
     What I want to do, is try to, again, break away from that mindset. I want to dress for me. I want others to dress for themselves. Yes, dress to impress, but keep yourself in mind. Pick clothes that you actually like, not clothes that the hottest celeb just walked out with. You are you, they are them. You will never be them. Yes, you can like their style. Yes, you can have similar outfits. But why are you dressing like that? That's the question. If it's for you, if that's who you really are, if you genuinely love it, and if that expresses who you are, then it's perfect. But if you're just doing it to be a player in the popularity contest, then it's not for the right reason. People don't like fake. Fake people aren't happy. They don't live their life because they set rules for themselves so that they only do what's socially popular and what's going to make them look the best. Real people have the most fun, and they are the happiest because they can be themselves without anything holding them back.
     Anyways, my point is, don't dress for them. Don't dress for popularity. Teens, we need to dress to express. Express who we are. Don't try to be like someone that you're not. I know this is hard, I have tons of people who's life I would love to try out but really, your life is your life and it will be forever. Work towards your own dreams and goals. Be unique! Break the trend!!

So what did you think? Obviously I'm not a professional writer, but I actually like how it turned out. I definitely still agree with everything I said. If everyone is the same, nobody is special. Be different! Have a fabulous day!

Monday, June 15, 2015

What's In My Purse?

You never know what's in a girl's purse. I honestly didn't even know what was in my purse until I filmed this video. Anyways, I hope you enjoy watching me explore the contents of my purse haha! Let me know what's in your purse and have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DIY Motivational Bouquet

Lately I've been really working on staying positive, motivated and inspired. I've been thinking of little ways to stay happy and make other people happy, so I came up with this cute diy room decor piece that can sit in your room or be given as a gift! I think it is so adorable and can easily be customized to your style and mood. You can use quotes, pictures, different types of flowers, a different container, you name it! As I was looking for quotes to use for my diy flower decor, I came across one that I really liked. "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." There are so many craft projects that I haven't tried because I was afraid to mess up, or I was afraid that it wasn't going to turn out well. But the quote is so true, you never know unless you get over your fear of failure and just do it. So there ya have it, I hope you end up trying this out and have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to Pick Yourself Up if You're Feeling Down

Sometimes you just feel "blah" or you feel like crying and you have no idea why. Your life could be going perfect, you could have the best grades, the best friends, a loving family, etc. but that doesn't mean you always feel 100% happy. Today was one of those days. For some reason, I just felt down even though I spent the day with several great friends and did some pretty fun activities. Honestly, I'm probably just tired. My new addiction to Netflix isn't helping. But I feel like something's bothering me, I just don't know what. I generally don't tell people how I feel because of course I always want people to think I'm a happy and positive person, which I am most of the time, but I'm also human. I am much more than just one emotion.  Anyways, enough gloomy talk, I wanted to make this post about how to pick yourself up if you're feeling sad or bored, or anything like that. Here are 10 ways that help me personally pick myself up, so hopefully they'll be able to help you!

1.) Try to find a reason. I think this is the most important because if you know why you are feeling a certain way, then you're even closer to fixing the problem, and keeping it from coming back in the long run. For example, you may be upset because you feel like you're becoming more and more distant from a really good friend. Or maybe someone you trust was being dishonest with you. Perhaps people are gossiping about something that involves you and it's not even true. List some possible reasons and worries, and then try to resolve the problem/ problems. 

2.) Go for a walk or run. It helps me clear my mind if I go outside for a walk/ run. You can think about things, or it can just help you focus on something else. Any exercise generally makes you feel happier as endorphins are released and you're getting your blood pumping. Something I've been doing lately is long boarding. I did it today actually and it helped me feel a little less "blah." Yoga is also another great option!

3.) Take a shower. I'm just happier when I'm nice and clean haha. Plus, the warm water might relax you. If you feel better about your appearance and cleanliness, you have one less thing to worry about.

4.) Think about everything you're grateful for. Believe it or not, there are a lot of small things to be grateful for. For example, if you have a bed, that's something to be thankful for. There are people who have no home and are sleeping on sidewalks and at bus stops. Just put your life in perspective and realize all the amazing privileges you have, rather than what you don't have. Your troubles may start to seem much smaller. 

5.) Get good sleep. I'm not sure how sleep deprivation affects other people's moods, but I know it definitely affects my mood. I've noticed that any time I don't get enough sleep, I either don't react to anything, or I overreact to everything. Someone could have forgotten to put extra whipped cream on my frappucino and if I didn't get enough sleep the night before, that person better wish they stayed home from work. Haha just kidding, but I would probably be more upset than usual. Think PMS... or maybe worse...

6.) Do something you like/ enjoy. I love creating things. So when I'm feeling upset, I like to maybe make some jewelry, paint, sew, or something along those lines to get my mind off of things. Oooh I also like to blog or make videos, which is why I am blogging right now haha. Figured I'd put my situation to good use and make myself occupied while also working to resolve it. 

7.) Watch a funny movie or funny videos. Looking to smile? Watch something whose sole purpose is to basically make you laugh and smile. One of my favorite funny movies would be The Proposal. Makes me laugh every time, no matter how many times I watch it. I just watched Spy today too! It was pretty funny, although slightly more violent than I expected.

8.) Listen to upbeat music. I either put on iTunes radio (no I haven't gotten Pandora yet...) or I put on Beyonce and walk on the treadmill or something. Definitely makes me feel sassy and confident haha. 

9.) Hang out with friends. You can do some fun activities with them, they can be there to talk to, to hug, to cry to, to laugh with etc. Personal interaction can definitely improve your mood and make you feel less alone and helpless. 

10.) Help someone else. If you make someone's day, or do a random act of kindness, I bet you will feel much better. Everybody deserves to be happy and have someone looking out for them. It's kinda like a win-win situation, you are making someone else happy, which in turn improves your own mood. 

Well, that's all I have for today. Just remember, don't let other people's opinions dominate your emotions. Also, don't automatically assume things. For example, a friend may cancel on your monthly bff date out of the blue, and you think that she hates you and your friendship is going in a downward spiral, but in reality, her grandmother randomly showed up for a surprise visit and her mom wouldn't let her leave the house. You really don't ever know, and I'm not even sure if my example makes sense, but oh well I hope it makes at least a little sense. So have a fabulous day and just remember that you are ultimately in charge of how you feel and you can change your mood if you really want to!

XO, Lauren

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Essentials

I can't believe I have been on summer break for about three weeks now. You'd think by this time I'd have traveled a little or been on some grand summer trip, but I haven't had much luck. That's not to say I haven't been having fun with friends and exploring my local area! It helps to live relatively close to several beaches and well known cities because I've still been able to discover some pretty fun activities. While making sure I don't become a couch potato, I figured out some summer essentials for this season, and thought some might find it helpful!

summer fashion essentials, summer break must haves, Lauren Banawa

For my summer fashion essentials I included a bathing suit, of course! What's summer without a bathing suit? And of course, you need a good pair of sandals. I suggest simple nude or neutral ones that you can easily pair with all your cute summer outfits. Moving on to accessories, you definitely want to have sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV rays and hair ties to keep you cool so you don't have to sweat buckets under a blanket of hair. If you are going to the beach, or some other adventure, a backpack is amazing for carrying all of the miscellaneous junk that we all think we need. But seriously, like it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Backpacks are so convenient and easy to carry, perfect for snacks (which is basically all I ever keep in my bag...). And my last summer fashion essential would be a simple piece of jewelry. It makes any outfit look a little more put together, which is a total plus when you're running out the door in just a t-shirt and shorts.

summer beauty essentials, summer break must haves, Lauren Banawa

As for my summer beauty essentials, I have a few more items than the previous category. Sun protection is so important ladies, you do not want to get wrinkles or worse... skin cancer. That is why I like to use this SunBum lip balm with SPF 30. I recently discovered it when I went on a beach trip with my friend, and it smells and tastes really good haha so it's a win win situation ya know? And for my face, I use CC cream because it gives light coverage and gives you a little SPF too. As for protecting the rest of your body, I prefer some kind of spray sunscreen if you are going to be outside all day. I just feel like it reaches more places and is easier when you have to reapply. If you are not going to be outside that much, then I would just use a daily lotion that has some SPF in it. Of course, we must have gorgeous hair, so what I love to do is curl my hair with a curling wand and then brush it out so it turns into looser curls. After that, I spray my hair with the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Spray, which by the way smells so good, and it gives you a really nice "just came from the beach" look. Totally fab. One thing that makes any outfit would definitely be nail polish. Keep your 10 little canvases either nice and naked or perfectly polished, otherwise your handy helpers won't look that professional, or Instagram worthy! Okay we're down to the last two essentials, bronzer and baby powder. Alright so I don't wear much makeup at all in any season, but in summer I feel like you should wear even less. Give your face a chance to breathe and feel the fresh summer breeze! So that is why I would try to choose one makeup product (or around that) to wear and nothing else. I think a light touch of bronzer is good because it gives you a healthy sun kissed glow. Now you may be wondering what in the world the baby powder is for. You know when you get sand stuck all over you at the beach and no matter how much you try to wipe it off it doesn't come off? Well all you have to do is sprinkle some baby power on it and rub them both right off. No sand left! 

Random summer essentials, summer break must haves, Lauren Banawa

Finally, we have come to my random summer essentials. The GoPro is perfect for capturing all your fun summer moments, whether it's at the beach, pool, skatepark, hiking trail, or even just hanging at home. You can be so creative with it. I'm planning on making some cool videos with it soon! And if you didn't get to record something, I like to write it down in a notebook so I can look back and read all the fun activities I did. Next essential would be headphones so that you can listen to your summer playlist on repeat. Music totally changes your mood, so if you want to be productive, listen to upbeat music, and if you wanna just chill listen to your fave chill music. Pretty self explanatory. Also, it's pretty important to stay active, so go take your bike out for a ride! Personally I don't have a bike, which is so sad because I really want one. But I do have a longboard that my dad gave to me as a graduation gift! I'm better at it than I thought I would be, and it's super fun too. If you're hanging out outside, you need to stay hydrated. My favorite drink this summer would be the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher from Starbucks. I order it with extra berries, and it's fan-tas-tic. However, I'm not always near a Starbucks and I don't always want to spend my money, so most of the time I just fill a reusable water bottle with water and fresh cut up fruit. It's amazing if you let it soak overnight because all the fruit flavors make the water taste like heaven. My last random summer essential would be fresh flowers to put in your room. Flowers make me so happy. The colors, the smell, the delicate design. They're so beautiful, and they brighten up any room. 
I hope you enjoyed reading about all of my summer essentials! Did I miss any of your summer essentials? Let me know! Alright, well I hope you all have a super fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stuck at Home

Lauren Banawa, rainy day outfit, lazy day outfit, high waisted jeans and tank top

high waisted jeans and tank, striped cardigan, lazy outfit, Lauren Banawa

Lauren Banawa, lazy day outfit, rainy day outfit, high waisted jeans and tank top

Lauren Banawa, high waisted jeans and tank top, striped cardigan, black and white photo shoot

It's times like these when I wish I had gotten my drivers license sooner. And by that I mean that there is no fresh food in the house, and Jimmy Johns doesn't deliver all the way to where I live in the middle of nowhere, so I'm stuck at home with the leftover meatballs and the random assortment of cut-up fruits. All I wanted was a sandwich. Oh well, I suppose this should be taken as an opportunity to challenge my creativity... but instead of trying to come up with some exquisite dish made from leftovers, I simply just heated up the meatballs in the microwave and imagined it was the sandwich I was craving. Although I was stuck at home, I still felt like getting out of my pajamas and putting on some actual clothes. I decided on my new favorite light wash high waisted jeans, an army green tank top, my striped knitted cardigan, and this gorgeous bead and wrapped cord statement necklace. This last minute outfit is perfect for lounging around the house, but can still be worn out in public without people looking at you like you're a walking sandwich. Sorry, still have that sandwich on my mind... Alright well, I'm off to study for my driving test! Have a fabulous day lovelies!

XO, Lauren 

Monday, June 1, 2015

High School Senior Year and Graduation

I always looked forward to the day I would graduate high school, and now it's finally happened. Even as I was standing and waiting to be called up on the stage, it didn't feel real. Honestly, it hasn't even hit me yet that I am not going back to high school this fall. It's bittersweet because I have had such an amazing time in high school. I've made such great friendships, learned so many life lessons, and had so many amazing experiences. I definitely feel like I accomplished all that I wanted to do in my high school career. From sports and academics, to music, art and fashion, I think I tried a pretty good variety of activities. On the other hand, I feel I am ready to have new experiences and to go out and achieve bigger things! I am so thankful for everything that has happened to me and for everyone I met in high school. I am also extremely grateful to my family and close friends who have supported me, it definitely helped me achieve my goals and put me in the right mindset for success.
To summarize a few important points that I learned in senior year, and pretty much all my years in high school, I made a video and also included a few blog clips from my graduation day! Congrats Class of 2015, we made it! 

XO, Lauren

Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Favorites 2015

Some random favorites from this month :)

1.) Favorite Quote: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" -Maya Angelou

2.) Favorite Event: Tied between prom and graduation!

3.) Favorite Drink: Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher from Starbucks

4.) Favorite Place: Beach

5.) Favorite Accessory: Heart Shaped Aviator Sunglasses

6.) Favorite Hairstyle: Loose Curls

7.) Favorite Dessert: Macarons

8.) Favorite Nail Polish Color: Pastel Blue

9.) Favorite Garment: One Piece Leaf Print Swimsuit from PacSun

10.) Favorite Gift: Macbook Pro! 

XO, Lauren

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2,000 Subscriber Giveaway

Recently, I reached 2,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel! I am extremely thankful for everyone who supports me. It means the world to me when people leave nice comments and when I am able to have engaging conversations with creative people who enjoy what I put up. To show my gratitude, I'm doing a giveaway that's kind of summer themed, but it is to thank everyone who has subscribed and supported me. At the beginning of this year, I made it a goal of mine to reach 1,500 subscribers, and now I'm at about 2,100! It amazes me how fast my channel has grown, and I've gotten to talk to so many sweet people. I can't wait to see what the future holds! Hope you like the prizes, don't forget to enter before June 10th, which is when I will announce the winner! 

Rules to Enter:
1.) Subscribe to my YouTube channel
2.) Like this video
3.) Comment what you are most looking forward to for summer 2015!

Have a fabulous day and good luck!

XO, Lauren

Monday, May 25, 2015

In The Leaves

leaf print swimsuit, elephant necklace, tropical print swimsuit, retro swimsuit

beach pier, summer 2015, memorial day 2015

leaf print swimsuit, palm tree print swimsuit, tropical print swimsuit, retro swimsuit

green strappy sandals, gladiator sandals, beach day 2015

beach photography, beach day, summer 2015, beach pier

leaf print swimsuit, palm tree print swimsuit, tropical print swimsuit, retro swimsuit

beach photography, beach day, summer 2015, beach sign

leaf print swimsuit, tropical print swimsuit, retro swimsuit, pacsun swimsuit

beach photography, blue nail polish, mary kay nail polish

beach photography, summer 2015, beach pier, ocean photography

beach photography, beach photoshoot, summer 2015, memorial day 2015

beach photography, summer 2015, ocean photography

leaf print swimsuit, tropical print swimsuit, retro swimsuit, pacsun swimsuit

beach photography, beach day, summer 2015, memorial day 2015

beach day, memorial day 2015, summer 2015

beach photography, sandcastle, ocean photography, summer 2015

modern one piece swimsuit, leaf print swimsuit, pacsun swimsuit, tropical swimsuit

beach photoshoot, leaf print swimsuit, tropical print swimsuit, pacsun swimsuit

After months of searching for a swimsuit, I finally found one that fit my style. Surprisingly, it ended up being this tropical leaf print one piece that kind of has a retro fit. I found it at PacSun and to be honest, it was not cheap... but girls, when you find something that fits you and looks good on you after searching for what seems like decades, you have to get it. I said to the cashier "Man, you're really not helping my spending addiction," and so he gave me extra coupons haha. Still not helping, but I guess it's the thought that counts. Moving on, I was enthralled at my decision to try out a one piece suit in a world of skimpy bikinis. Don't get me wrong I love a cute bikini, but it's been difficult finding stylish ones that have the coverage I want. This gem of a swimsuit was surprisingly pleasing because it miraculously made it look like I had curves of some kind. The lines formed a bodice looking design, which helped shape the figure. Hooray! 
So, the first place I wore my new treasure would be to the beach of course! It rained right before we got there, which actually turned out to be a good thing because it cooled everything down, and the lighting was perfect. We actually ended up going to the dog beach, and I loved it! All the dogs were super adorable, it made me wish I had brought Finn. It's easy to say that this was one of the best beach days I've had in awhile. The weather was perfect, we had a tent to lay under, a cooler full of food and drinks AND we had toys! Food, fashion, frisbee, football and fancy sandcastles... sounds good to me. Plus I got to spend time with Jonah, which is always enjoyable. He didn't even complain when I asked him to help me take pictures, or when I ate his food haha. That is pretty nice in my book. Anyways, that's how I spent my Memorial Day weekend, hope your weekend was delightful too! Have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren

{Outfit Details: Swimsuit-PacSun, Elephant Earrings and Necklace Set-Aeropostale, Green Sandals-Ross, Blue Nail Polish-Mary Kay}

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer 2015 Inspiration

summer 2015 inspiration boardsummer 2015 inspiration board

summer 2015 inspiration boardsummer 2015 inspiration board

summer 2015 inspiration boardsummer 2015 inspiration board

summer 2015 inspiration boardsummer 2015 inspiration board

Inspiration boards are basically my life. I literally have a 4 x 5 ft cork board on my wall covered in magazine clippings, fabric, trim, quotes, and miscellaneous trinkets. I usually change it out when a new season begins, so I thought it was only fitting to create a digital inspiration board on Pinterest as we enter into summer 2015! Here are a few of my pins. The beautiful colors, the lovely ocean, the intricate details, all make me so happy! Traveling is such a great way to be inspired and to experience personal growth. Although I haven't traveled much previously, I am definitely planning to try and travel more, now that I'm out of high school! Greece? Rome? Fiji? Where should I go?  Let me know, and have a faaaabulous day babes!

XO, Lauren

Quote of the day: "I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed. Love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good." -Roald Dahl