Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Fashion has a lot to do with confidence and vice versa. The way you dress can help you feel more confident but also, confidence can affect the way you dress. For this "Tutorial Tuesday" I decided to share a "tutorial" on how to be confident. This is just what I do and it may not work for some people, but I just thought it might help :)

Lets Begin!!

1.) Smile! This helps me so much! Smiling automatically makes you happier, even if it's just a little bit! Smile at other people and it will spread your happiness and make you seem confident even if you don't feel it yet. I think happiness plays a huge part in confidence.

2.) Do what makes you happy! Again with the "being happy" haha :) this is self explanatory. If something makes you happy, don't let others stop you.

3.) Be yourself! Trust me, it's much easier than trying to be someone else. Plus, the right people will come to love the real you which equals much better friends! If you have good friends, you'll be more involved and comfortable which definitely helps with confidence!

4.) Have good posture! Stand up tall and proud. Walk like you're a runway model! You will just be oozing with confidence! hahaha :D

5.) Take risks! Only good risks though! Please be smart about your choices okay! Try new things and you will start to be more open and outgoing.

Those are all the tips I have for today but just remember to "fake it 'til you make it!" Pretend you're confident and then you will start to actually be confident! Hope this helped!

XO, Lauren

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Infinity Bracelet Tutorial


Hey guys! I'm going to start doing more tutorials, so this is the start of "Tutorial Tuesdays"! Here is a super easy one to start us off: infinity bracelets! These have been trending for awhile now and I just got to making some! It's super easy and inexpensive, I promise :) Let's get started!

Here are the materials you will need:


Step 1.) Use the cord and measure the size of your wrist. Add and extra six inches, then cut your cord. It is better for your bracelet to have too much cord than too little because you can always adjust at the end. Repeat one more time so that you have two pieces in total.


Step 2.) Take one of the pieces of cord and fold it in half. Put the folded side through one of the openings in the "S" hook. Pull the loose ends of the cord through the folded loop and pull.


Step 3.) Repeat step two with the other piece of cord on the other side of the "S" hook so that it looks like the picture below.


And that's it! Now you just have to tie it on your wrist! Easy right?

These bracelets are simple and can easily be stacked with other bracelets! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Check out my first tutorial here which was also my very first blog post! It's how to make a cute bow :)

XO, Lauren

Ask me questions if anything was unclear :) Show me your diy infinity bracelets!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back To School Outfits

Almost everybody worries about what they want to wear to school. Your outfit has to show your personality and your best features while still being comfortable. I put together three different outfits to help put your mind at ease when picking outfits for school, especially for the first few weeks of school.

Outfit 1.) "Boho" (army green jacket- JCPenny, white lacy tunic- Aeropostale, black leggings- Ross, dangle necklace- American Eagle, gold stud earrings- Forever 21, brown sandals- DSW, Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters)

backtoschooloutfit1   backtoschooloutfit2

Outfit 2.) "Dressy" (black skater dress- PacSun/ Brandy Melville, loose gray sweater- Aeropostale,  Coach Poppy sneakers- Ross, statement necklace- Kohls, gold stud earrings- Forever 21, round black sunglasses- Aeropostale)


Outfit 3.) "Preppy" (blue and white striped dress- Abercrombie, jean jacket- Old Navy, floral sunglasses- Charming Charlie, silver bird dangle earrings- handmade, brown sandals- DSW)

I hope you were inspired by these outfits to create your own ensembles! My tips for great back to school outfits would be to get a few pieces that can dress up simple garments or add interest. You will need "go to items" for those days when you don't feel like waking up. Also, don't get anything you are not comfortable in because you definitely won't be comfortable in it after the 8 hour school day. Lastly, be yourself and show who you are! Good luck and start your school year with confidence!

XO, Lauren

What are your school outfit tips? I'd love to hear them :)