Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Outfit Ideas!

easter outfit ideas

Easter is tomorrow! I am so excited, so I've put together some outfit ideas that can not only be used for this holiday, but also for any other spring day!

Here they are!!

easter pink dress

easter pink dress 2

easter bracelets

easter bow earrings

First Outfit: For this outfit, I am wearing a pink and white striped dress that I made. I have paired it with a thick brown belt from Target, white bow earrings from Forever 21, and sandals from DSW. I made the necklace and the two beaded bracelets. The brown "name bracelet" is from Disney's Magic Kingdom. This outfit is very girly, and perfect for a day of celebration!

easter lace shorts

easter lace shorts 2

Second Outfit: Next, I am wearing lace shorts from Wet Seal, a blue and white shirt (which is actually a romper haha) from Target, a jean jacket from Old Navy, silver sandals from Target, and sparkly hair pins from Charming Charlie. I am wearing the same bracelets and earrings from the previous outfit. This outfit is a little more casual, but it still has dressy details. It would be perfect for going on an Easter egg hunt!

easter mint jeans

easter mint jeans 2

easter mint jeans 3

Third Outfit: For this outfit, I have on mint and gold jeggings from Abercrombie, a teal sweater from Forever 21, sandals from DSW, pearl dangly earrings that I made, and a teal and pink flower ring that I also made. The bracelets are the same. This outfit is definitely casual, but the details on the jeggings make it festive and pretty!

easter blue shirt

easter blue shirt 2

easter blue shirt 3

easter blue shirt necklace

Fourth Outfit: I am wearing a blue flower collared shirt from Charlotte Russe, a silver and blue chain bib necklace from Forever 21, jeans from Abercrombie, and silver sandals from Target. I am wearing the bow earrings again, as well as the same bracelets. I would wear this outfit for hanging out with friends and family! It is also comfortable and casual yet pretty and delicate.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed these outfits! And even if you don't celebrate Easter, you can definitely wear these outfits anyway and even take inspiration from them and incorporate your own twist! Have a fashionable day!

XO, Lauren

Like and comment what you think! Which outfit did you like the best?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Outfits 2013!



First Outfit: I am wearing a pink peter pan collar shirt from Ross, denim shorts from Target, wedges from Target, and floral sunglasses from Charming Charlie's. I made the bracelets and the pearl earrings. This outfit is cute, pretty, and flirty. The accessories need to be simple so as not to distract from the shirt. The lace details on the collar and the bottom of the shirt make it feel more delicate and girly. You could wear this outfit to school, to lunch, or on a shopping trip with the girls! It is so simple and easy to put together.


Second Outfit: I am wearing a blue dress from Abercrombie, a gray shirt from American Eagle, a chain necklace from Forever 21, and Coach sneakers from Ross. I think this outfit is pretty cool haha! It has a skater vibe to it while still being kind of girly and dressy. I like that the shoes pop because they have the only white in the whole outfit. I love the pink stripe on the side too! You could wear this out for bowling, on a picnic, going over to a friends house, and school if you wanted to!


Third Outfit: I am wearing a white collared shirt with blue polka dots from Ross, denim shorts from target, sandals from DSW, dream catcher earrings from PacSun, sunglasses from Charlotte Russe, gold clutch from Mary Kay, and bracelets that I made. I love this outfit because it is very simple and it reminds me of going to the park and playing in the grass! This shirt also has lace details on the shoulder part as well as on the back. I love the tie on the front. I would wear this to the beach or the park. It is nice and comfortable while still being fashionable and delicate for spring.

I hope you enjoyed these outfits! They could easily be customized to your style and can also be easily transitioned from spring to summer!


~Comment and tell me what you think! Which outfit is your favorite?~

XO, Lauren

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mini Spring Shopping Spree

I love spring shopping! The clothes are light and pretty, and everything seems so delicate. Spring is the time to try new styles and discover a new you! It's time to shed your winter coats and trade them for some cute tank tops and shorts! Okay, so anyways, I've been trying to find some collared shirts for spring, but none of them seemed to fit me right. I finally found some (plus a couple other lovely items) when I went shopping today and here they are:


These shirts are from Ross and I bought them for about $10 each. The polka dots are adorable and I absolutely love the colors. They both have lace details and would look great with jeans, skirts, or shorts! (Spring outfits post coming soon!!!!)


Next, I bought these shorts from Target for about $20. They are super cute and they are actually not as short as they seem. It came with the belt, so that makes it even more awesome! Plus, you can take out the belt and use it with your jeans or over a pretty dress!


Okay so then, I saw these beauties at Ross. Oh my gosh. I could not put them down, I just loved them so much. There was no way I was going to leave the store without them. Seriously, right? They were $50, but the original price was $90. I think that's a pretty good deal! haha :) You can wear these with any type of bottom (skirts, shorts, jeans) and even a dress! Wear it your own way!


I also bought the April issue of Seventeen Magazine, ($3) so I can read about all the new fashions this month! It's a total necessity guys, can't live without it. Hahaha just kidding, but I really like fashion magazines.


Lastly, I got this retro cassette tape iPhone case for $2 at Michaels. It fits really well and it's made out of silicone. They also had a black one and a pink one, but I picked this one because it's my favorite color :)

Okay, that's it! So overall, I spent about $95. But, I think it was worth it because the shoes will probably last forever, the shorts can practically be worn with anything, and everything else is just so adorable. It's okay to buy something really expensive once in a while, just make sure that you will definitely wear it and that it will last.

Have a fabulous day!

XO, Lauren