Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Resolutions 2015

Did you know that most people give up on their New Years resolutions by February 18th? I can't say I'm not guilty of getting a little lazy myself... So I came up with some tips on writing your resolutions and making them stick throughout the year! It has helped me with my past resolutions and there are also some things I learned just this year!

1.) Make your goals specific. You're way more likely to follow through if you have a direction and a plan. Start with a broad goal ("I want to save money"), then break it down and make it more specific ("I'm going to save half of the money each time I get paid").

2.) Set "MAD" goals. This kind of adds on to tip #1. By this, I mean goals that are Measurable, Attainable, and Deadline Driven. This will make them so much more likely to stick because you can track your progress and you are setting goals that you know you can accomplish. (Ex. I am going to walk at least ten minutes every day, and work up to running for ten minutes every day by July.)

3.) Make fun resolutions! Don't make all of your resolutions serious, you definitely won't stick with them if you feel like it's all work and no play! (Ex. I am going to dedicate one day each month to go to the spa, go out to eat, or go shopping.)  

4.) Don't just think about what you want to change, think about good things that you do that you want to continue! It'll help you stay more positive and motivated. (Ex. I am going to continue to do cardio exercises at least once a week.)

5.) Display your resolutions! Put them where you can see them every day AND multiple places to remind and motivate you so that you don't forget! (Ex. mirror, cork board, fridge, planner, phone, etc.)

6.) Tell others about your goals. If your friends and family know, you won't want to disappoint!

That's it! I hope these tips help! Here are some of my own resolutions :)

-I am going to get at least 7 hours of sleep at night/ go to bed by 10 PM. (Not always possible, but I can try haha)

-I'm going to do yoga for 10 minutes right when I wake up, and 10 minutes before bed to relieve stress.

-I am going to blog and put up a video at least once every week.

Alright, have a fabulous day and write those New Years resolutions! There's always things we can do to improve! Stay Positive!

XO, Lauren

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